Dear friend, thank you for choosing Kando Holds products for your gym. In this paper are the tips to get the best from our holds. We are available for any questions.
Thanks Happy Climbing!



 Our climbing holds are provided with dual bolt washer and can be fixed either with the cylinder head bolts with countersunk head which, according to the type and size of the hold. Each hold is provided with a secondary hole, anti rotation.

The installation of holds and volumes is the buyer's responsibility.
The buyer must use an appropriate fixation system based on the structure.
The buyer must regularly check the tightness of the holds.
Neither the manufacturer nor the dealer may be held responsible for the misuse of holds and hardware.




PE Holds: we use eco friendly bright coloring pastes, so to maintain these characteristics lasting over time we recommend to wash them with cold water and to dry them with a jet of air immediately after washing.
The use of solvents and steel brushes is not recommended.


PU Holds: can be brushed while they are on the wall and washed with jet wash cleaner with lukewarm water for more accurate cleaning.
The use of solvents and steel brushes is not recommended.